TTC Timeline

For those of you that may be interested in the history, well- here it is...

2010- the year of naive hope 
  • April: Married Mike, my perfect guy.
  • November: While on vacation and bouncing around in warm tropical waters, we made the pivotal decision to start trying to for baby #1. 
  • December: Totally excited... and totally naive. BFN.

2011- the year of the freakouts
  • January: Annual appointment with ObGyn to discuss TTC. Told to "start taking prenatals and have fun". If nothing happened within a year, I was to go back. BFN
  • February: Started temping with OPKs. BFN.
  • March: Returned to ObGyn for spotting and short luteal phase. All b/w came back normal but CD2 u/s showed only 4 tiny follicles. This was too low for her liking and was referred to fertility specialist. Freakout #1. BFN.
  • April: HSG showed everything was perfect. Mike's SA was A+. BFN.
  • June: Consult with RE (Dr. D). Impromptu ultrasound showed that I had 13+ follicles! Happy egg-dance and much relief. Started progesterone (Crinone) for spotting and short LP. BFN
  • July: Clomid round #1 (50mg CD 5-9). 1 follicle. BFN.
  • September: Clomid round #2 (100mg CD 3-7). 5 big, juicy follicles and was advised to cancel cycle if we weren't open to the idea of selective reduction. We went ahead with timed intercourse. After it didn't work, was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility". Turned the dreaded 35. Freakout #2. BFN
  • October: Clomid round #3 (75mg CD 3-7) with first IUI. 2 mega-huge follicles. BFN.
  • November: Gonal-F round #1 (37mg for 11 days) with timed intercourse. Weird bleeding 24 hrs. after +OPK accompanied by crazy painful boobs. RE says "Huh, I've never heard of that before." 2nd semen analysis just to be sure, which came back with flying colors. Thyroid (TSH) tested at 5.24 (should be between 1 and 2). Synthroid adjusted to 125mcg. Now convinced my Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid) has been the issue all along. BFN.
  • December: Gonal-F round #2 (75mg for 3 days, 37.5 for 8 days) with timed intercourse. Same weird bleeding 24 hrs. after + OPK. TSH sitting pretty at .9 (perfect). T3 & T4 levels (thyroid) came back normal. However, thyroid antibodies were sky high. Told this will put me at very high risk for miscarriage if/when I get pregnant. Freakout #3. BFN.

2012- the year of the miscarriages
  • January: WTF meeting with RE. Recommended that we do a natural cycle and run some more tests: sonohysterogram and endometrial biopsy. Both came back normal (but of course they did!). RE now thinks bleeding might be due to a spike of estrogen during ovulation caused by Gonal-F. Conception unlikely with ovulation bleeding. BFN.
  • February: Gonal-F round #3, IUI #2. New endocrinologist ran a battery of autoimmune tests (all normal). Sister (40 years old) reported she is post-menopausal. This can be genetic. RE ran FSH, estradiol & AMH and all came back normal, so ovaries are functioning ok... for now. BFN... or so I thought.
  • March: RE suggested one more natural cycle to figure out the bleeding and start  acupuncture. Continued to spot for a week after period should have been over.  Begrudgingly took another HPT and it was... positive?!!? First pregnancy of my life. Beta #1= 377. Beta #2= 122. Miscarriage at 6 weeks
  • April: Follistim round #1 with cancelled IUI and wwitched to compounded progesterone. Missed ovulation despite careful monitoring and OPKs because of one horribly slow growing follicle. Mysterious bleeding didn't appear (ultimate culprit determined to be Gonal F). BFN.
  • May: Follistim round #2 with IUI #3 and compounded progesterone. Two mature, super fast growing follicles resulting in the shortest cycle ever. Thyroid in check and great sperm sample. Stars seem to be aligned.  To be continued...
  • June:  BFP. Second pregnancy of my life and betas are doubling! Then we saw a heartbeat. Then we heard the heartbeat. Then we saw our little one growing right on schedule. Still scared but finally embracing hope
  • July: 1st OB appointment showed missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. RPL results came back with an chromosomal abnormality (#11) and, that it was a girl.  Complete devastation. Miscarriage #2 at 9 weeks.
  • August: Benched.  And trying to mend.
  • September: Mostly benched with a surprise natural (?!) BFP at the end. Third pregnancy with super high betas. No heartbeat found and given a 99% chance pregnancy was a bust. 
  • October: Heartbeat found (!!!) but also discovered an enlarged yolk sac-which is indicative of chromosomal abnormalities. Given a 25 % of a healthy/successful pregnancy but told to prepare for the worst. Waited around all month for my baby to die. Miscarriage #3 at 8 weeks
  • November: RPL panel results showed that it was trisomy-22 from my egg and that it was a boy. Devastation ensues and marriage crumbles.
  • See the blog for latest updates and hopefully someday... the news we've all been waiting for. 

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