Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cycle 13, CD 6

Today I had an ultrasound to see how things were progressing on the Gonal-F.

I have 2 follicles measuring at 10 and 11mm. My lining looked great. Also, my full thyroid panel came back. T3 and T4 were fine. So, that's the good news.

The bad news? My thyroid antibody results were sky high. Thyroglobulin Ab was 485.0 (normal is < 40) and thryoid Paroxidase Ab was >1030 (normal is < 9). That's the Hashimoto's at work. Apparently this isn't a big deal- unless you become pregnant. Then it puts you at very high risk for miscarriage.

Can there be any more black marks against me?

I've never even been pregnant. Not once. I don't even know if I *can* get pregnant. But if by some miracle I am able to make babies- I will have a very hard time carrying them.

And how is it that I'm supposed to stay positive and not get caught up in the biology of it again?

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  1. Hi! You commented on my blog earlier today, and I've just checked out and signed up for yours, and holy crap! So glad I did. So, I have a Hashimoto's infertile buddy?? That'll be great when I'm whining about my stupid thyroid. I also have antibodies through the roof, at over 900. I'm just glad to have someone else out there to commiserate with about this. Thanks for finding me!!