Friday, December 16, 2011

Cycle 13, CD 8

I'm feeling unusually optimistic about this cycle. I don't know why. Maybe it's because my TSH levels are back in check. Or perhaps it's because I don't feel completely and utterly fatigued all the time (a classic symptom of hypothyroidism). I watched a movie with my husband last night... and didn't fall asleep! It's been years since that's happened. Feeling awake and able to participate in life... feels really good.

I'm hoping my positive outlook lasts longer than 30 minutes. Just last night I got a text message from a friend that made the tears spring into action. So, who knows. But it feels good to feel good. I'd like to hold on to this for as long as possible. Here's to lucky number 13. 

I was back for another ultrasound today. Right side has sprung into action and has a 10mm follicle while the 2 on the left are continuing to grow. I think she said they were at 12 and 14mm. So that's really positive as I'm only CD8 and probably won't ovulate until sometime next week. I'll start the OPKs tonight just in case. 

Last month I ovulated later than Dr. D expected. She thought it would happen on Saturday, when in fact, I didn't pop until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. This meant that we had sex for 7 days in a row. I got to thinking that maybe this might reduced Mike's sperm quantity too much. So, my question for the doctor today was: is it ok to have sex daily for many days or I should go with trigger shot so we know precisely the right moment to go for it? She said that yes, it will probably reduce the sample size over that many days, but it was such a minute amount- it wouldn't matter. Sex it is then. Yipee for saving the $130.00 on meds and staying away from that horrible full-ovary feeling it causes. Mike will be happy too :)

My doctor always refers to us as her "sex couple", because she knows that we aren't scared of it. Hell, I'd do it 5 times a day if it meant that it would increase our chances of getting pregnant (lucky for me, it doesn't). She said that the majority of her patients don't have sex at all. And apparently it's not because of fertility stuff (I'm the first to understand how unsexy sex is when TTC) but that they just don't have sex. Like, ever. I found that quite surprising.  

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