Monday, December 26, 2011

Cycle 13, CD 16 (4 DPO)

I got a positive OPK on Wednesday night (yipee). However I started to bleed on Thursday night (freakout). Not enough to need a tampon, but more than enough to make me very worried. And this is exactly what happened when we were on vacation last month; if not a tad worse. We thought it was a fluke last time, but apparently it wasn't. I can't help but notice that this has happened exactly 24 hours after each OPK *and* on the only months I've taken Gonal-F. I called  my clinic yesterday because and they told me to start on progesterone every 12 hours. So I did. And... it appears that has worked. Or, at least the bleeding has stopped. Thank god.

Overnight shipping for progesterone because of the holiday and all the pharmacies are closed.  Sweet.

Since I only spoke to the nurse, I emailed Dr. D for some (more explicit) answers- but I've yet to hear back from her. I understand it is the day after Christmas so I kind of don't expected her to answer, but at the same time it's my reproductive success at stake- so I kinda do. I just want her to care as much as I do. I just feel like she is over worked and barely keeping her head above water. Everyone needs rest, and I know she doesn't get any. I'm assuming that since my bleeding is not an emergency, it goes into the "later" pile. Sometimes I feel like a jumble of symptoms and I only get a very vague and hurried pseudo-explainations. I just want to make sure my treatment is best for me. Sometimes I feel like that is impossible.

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