Monday, December 12, 2011

Cycle 13, CD 4

Too much to get into, but after a lot of research and talking to other doctors, it looks like Dr. D isn't the devil or incompetent. Her biggest mistake was missing my clinical signs: fatigue, dry/brittle hair, etc. To her credit though, I didn't tell her that I was having any (because I too thought my TSH was in-check). So for now, my husband and I decided that we're going to wait and see what my new endocrinologist says (appointment next month) and progress as usual until then.

I went to my CD2 appointment on Saturday. The plan was to see what my TSH level was and if it came back between 1 and 2, then we'd do the Gonal-F injections again. And if not, we were going to sit this month out (shoot me now).

And in some weird twisted act of fate, it came back at .9!

Thank goodness for small miracles. What were the chances of it falling perfectly to where we wanted? Especially with something as tricky and specific as thyroid levels.

So for now, I'm trying my best at looking forward and not back. I have been hanging my hopes on 2012 for so long now- wouldn't it be great if it happened right off the bat? I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but damned if I can help it.

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