Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cycle 18, CD 27 (17 DPIUI)

Thanks for all the comments and encouragements. You gals are my biggest cheerleaders.

And I know I should step away from Google- but I can't sit here like a dolt and think things are ok when they aren't. I had to research. And what I've found, is pretty damn depressing. I really don't think this is going to work. 

Beta #2 Thursday AM.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cycle 18, CD 26 (16 DPIUI)

Maybe it was the braids that my favorite nurse-Stephanie suggested I put in my hair prior to the IUI.

Or maybe it the the monkey socks that Tracy sent me for our sock exchange last month.

Whatever the reason, it worked.

Beta #1: 53.06

I'm insanely insecure with this number as Dr. Google seems to think it is quite low. Please, please, please work this time. Oh god, please.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cycle 18, CD 21 (11 DPIUI)



Is anyone there?

Just picture me hanging my head in shame. I didn't mean to abandon this blog. But more importantly, I didn't want to you guys to think I abandoned you. Just so you know though, I never left; I've read each post you've written. I know *exactly* where each and every one of you are: the good, the bad, and the congratulatory. I've just been reading from my phone which likes to leave 13 duplicate posts for each comment so instead of subjecting you guys to that, I've been refraining from commenting. But I'm right by your sides and hopefully within the next few weeks I can get back to my old ways. In the meantime, think of me as your personal stalker.

Where have I been you ask? I wish I could say I've been doing something fun like windsurfing every day or too busy learning the ins and outs of my newly purchased u/s machine. Unfortunately the boring truth of it is I've been working. Hard. I've been working harder than I've ever worked in my life. And all this blood, sweat, and tears I've put into my job over the last 4 months is finally coming to a close. So this last month has kinda been like crunch time. A horrible, bumpy road that has given this perfectionist (points to self) an ulcer the size of a watermelon. Ok, so maybe I don't have an ulcer, but I feel like I should! Be that as it may, I apologize for my disappearing act.

I think I left off mid-2ww last cycle. That was the ugly loooong cycle with crappy follicles, high TSH, a missed IUI, and lots of bitter emotions. It ended with a very glaring negative pregnancy test. But of course it did.

After that debacle, Dr. D felt confident that we could sneak in one last cycle before I had to leave town for a bit. She wanted to try the Follistim again even though I reacted really badly to it the previous cycle. So in the spirit of compromise, I asked that we not do the estrogen supplements because it screwed with my TSH too much. It's like a game of Jenga, you have to be careful where you place each block or the entire tower might come tumbling down.

Long story short, for as bad as cycle 17 was, cycle 18 has been the opposite. I was only on stims for 7 days (hello shortest cycle ever!!), I had multiple big follicles, my TSH behaved beautifully, the IUI was perfectly timed (confirmed by an u/s), my husband's sample was rock-star quality, and I didn't have any bleeding at ovulation.

How's about them apples?

So here I sit at a hotel restaurant somewhere in middle America and I'm teetering on a tight rope. On the one hand I want to let in the hope so, so badly. I haven't had a good cycle in a long time and with this one, the stars finally aligned. If I were to ever allow myself to hope, it should be right now. But on the other hand, I've been at this long enough to know the more hope I allow in, the worse the pain is when it doesn't work. And that, my friends, is why infertility is the ultimate mind-fuck.