Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cycle 15, CD 39 (26 DPIUI)

I can't say that I wasn't a little nervous when the nurse called me back with my beta numbers. I've been trying to remain zen-like in the face of this, but we're in uncharted territory here folks.

My HCG on Friday was 377 and progesterone was 7.16.

What does this mean?

1) I am definitely pregnant, however-
2) 377 is much too low when taking into account when I had my IUI however-
3) Beta numbers are tricky and I need to come in on Monday for a second beta.

The nurse went on to say that there is a very slight chance that I ovulated late- in which case, 377 is a good number. But have any of you ever heard of this? I thought the trigger guaranteed ovulation within 36 hours of taking the injection? I don't get it. Could 1 or 2 follies have popped out and one hung around for a little longer? And then met up with some swimmers from our sexual escapade the night after the IUI? Maybe that is why I had a negative HPT on 13DPIUI, because it was still 'technically' early? I feel like this is a far stretch, so I really don't want to get caught up in it. But it's kinda hard not to.

The bleeding has all but stopped now (thanks to the progesterone) and my boobs are, eh hem, very sore. I'm use to sore boobs, but this is a pretty dramatic change from even a few days ago. When I went in for acupuncture on Thursday, they were only a little sore (and I was warned that the estrogen would cause that) but in the last 2 days, I've gone back to wearing a bra 24-7.

Again, I don't want to go down that rabbit hole because no matter how you look at it, bleeding for 11 days in the first few weeks is... really not good. And the only way to make the numbers "work" is if we make a pretty big exception to the rule. I've always been taught that we are never the exception to the rule.

So I'm in limbo. Mostly thinking that this is not going to end well but trying to keep in mind that regardless, this is a huge step for me. I might be able to get pregnant in the future after all! That idea alone has rocked my world. But then there are these tiny flashes where I allow myself to ask, "what if it works this time?"


  1. So I typically lurk on your page and don't comment, but holy crap girl!!!! I can't even imagine what you must be going through... so many unanswered questions.... I'll hold my breath and cross my fingers for some kind of miracle tripling beta tomorrow. Either way I am so happy to hear that you can in fact get pregnant and this really could happen for you.

    P.s. acupuncture is, in my opinion, the best part of infertility. I think the work my acupuncturist did is mostly to thank for my ability to even cycle... much less when I was lucky enough to get a BFP.

    Thinking of you!! Xoxo

  2. This is so tough girl!! I'm hoping for some good news for you soon!

    It's hard to stay positive when we're so conditioned for the negative because of what we've been through. Do all you can to stay sane and we're hoping with you!

  3. I can't even imagine the mix of emotions you are feeling right now, and especially how scary to be optimistic. But that is why we are cheer you on and root for the best. Regardless of what happens, this positive is a great first step, and I'm praying that today's beta continues on an upward trend.

  4. Oh...My..God...

    You literally have me with a gaping mouth over here. I'm catching flies!

    I can't believe all of this. Just wow. I mean I really don't know what to even say. But everyone is right, this is a great sign! I mean to even know that you can get pregnant is fantastic. I have no idea about the trigger shot, maybe you did ovulate late...I am just speechless here.

    Either way I'm here for you and excited to see where this leads!