Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cycle 18, CD 43 (33 DPIUI)

I've talked a lot about my thyroid during this process. I've also dwelled a lot on my TSH numbers. But I'm not sure I've ever explained why.

I have Hashimoto's Disease. It is a type of autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is attacked by antibodies. There are varying degrees of this illness but once diagnosed, it can usually be taken care of simply by taking a little pill each morning. That is, unless you are trying to get pregnant. For woman that have Hashimoto's, achieving pregnancy can be difficult (really? I hadn't noticed). But also, maintaining pregnancy can be very difficult. There is a 3 to 4 fold increase of miscarriage (on top of the 20% risk that women normally face) if you have this disease. Basically, the antibodies see the embryo as a foreign invader and attack it. Add insult to injury, there are also risks to the baby and mother if the pregnancy is able to maneuver through the aforementioned minefield.

And the kicker? There isn't a damn thing modern medicine can do about it.

Many months ago when I had my full thyroid panel done, my RE looked at me and said, "Wow, I haven't seen antibody numbers this high in years!" She went on to explain that my risk of miscarriage, once I was pregnant, was very high. She added that success was possible though.

Those odds didn't instill a lot of faith that things were going to end well. And this is why I'm so freaked out.

So here I sit at almost 6 weeks. We made it over the first, very big conception hurdle. Next we are faced with an even bigger monster: maintaining the pregnancy.

Did I mention? We have our first u/s scheduled for tomorrow morning. I never thought it possible to be so excited and so scared at the same time.


  1. How exciting that your first u/s is tomorrow! Good luck, take deep breaths and let us know how things go :)

  2. "I never thought it possible to be so excited and so scared at the same time."

    That is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I've been thinking about you all day though because I knew your ultrasound is tomorrow, sending the most positive vibes I possess your way! Let me know how it goes! Love you!

  3. Couldn't help but respond to this one. I also have Hashi's, and I am a year into ttc with no luck in sight! I have also heard miscarriage rates are much higher and I seem to conveniently forget that fact. Life just isn't fair sometimes. What's your current tsh, by the way? All that said, I know things are going to work for you..I just know! Like you said, you have made it over the first hurdle and you will make it over the rest too. Try your best not to worry too much- I will keep yoy in my thoughts!

  4. You put it so succinctly! I hope and pray its nothing but good news tomorrow - I had no idea the uphill battle you were facing, even after finally getting pregnant. I'll be thinking of you!

  5. Hoping for nothing but good news tomorrow. I know you're scared, but I also know that miracles do happen. And I really do believe that this is your miracle. Thinking of you.

  6. I hear you ... especially on the antibodies being untreatable. I asked my endocrinologist about that a few weeks ago, and his response was along the lines of but why would modern medicine seek to control the ATAs if a patient can just receive replacement thyroid hormone? Uhhhh ... because of all the other risks associated with the presence of the antibodies, perhaps!

    I know it's scary, but I hope you'll find comfort in a perfect ultrasound today.

  7. First ultrasound - how exciting! I hope you got nothing but good news and happy memories from this morning. It is so unfair how hard this journey is for some people while others just skate on through, but I am praying that you will have smoother sailing from here. Can't wait to hear your results!

  8. Have you tried intralipid infusions? I have thyroid/auto immune issues and my RE is going to have me do these infusions to prepare for pregnancy and maintain it. Not all RE's believe in this, but more and more studies are supporting this treatment. THey had me do a full immunology panel.


  9. First of all, I really enjoy your blog. I don't know how I ended up reading IF blogs. I think I was linked to one a long time ago, liked it, and started following others linked to it. Congrats on your good news, too!

    I have an under active thyroid but no Hashimoto's (that I know of), and am worried how it could effect my fertility. My doctor told me I shouldn't have a problem conceiving and carrying a healthy child once it's been successfully treated. My aunt has Hashimoto's and has had three healthy children since her diagnosis. She had no problems conceiving and all of her children were healthy. She actually had her third at age 41 with no fertility drugs and conceived pretty quickly. I tried asking her for advice on thyroid problems and fertility, but she brushed it off, telling me there really weren't any.

    I haven't missed a period ever, generally have a 28 day cycle, and haven't had any problems with periods being too heavy. I don't use an opk, but I am pretty sure I can tell from cervical mucus that I'm ovulating. I have no signs on infertility, except the whole thyroid thing.

    I haven't even tried conceiving yet (and probably shouldn't for a good 3-5 years), but from stuff I've been reading online, I'm very worried. Any advice/tips/bits of knowledge/etc? Should I get another doctor? I've always been super paranoid of becoming infertile ever since I had an abortion two years ago. I want to do whatever I can do ensure I'm healthy enough to have a child when that time comes, and you seem very knowledgeable on the subject.