Friday, April 20, 2012

Cycle 16 (sometime after ovulation)

We've had a little movement on the home-front folks. Perhaps I won't be in a holding pattern for the rest of my life after all. I had a +OPK on April 8 and 9 (along with four days of EWCM) so when I went to Dr. D's office for my first post-beta bloodwork on the 12th, I was fairly positive I knew what the results were going to be.

And indeed, my HCG was sitting pretty at zero. My progesterone and estradoil levels showed that I had ovulated. However, because of where my levels were, the doc thought it had happened much earlier in the week. I'd eat my hat if I found out I'm not 10DPO right now though. The disappointing result was my TSH (no surprise there). It came back at 2.82 which is still far too high for a girl with Hashimotos that is trying to get knocked up. Apparently it can take up to 6 weeks for my TSH to restabilize and since it had only been 3 weeks at that point, I was told to wait and retest in a few weeks. Hrmph. 

Want to know something else that is interesting? No mysterious ovulation bleeding this month. Crazy right? To remind you, the pattern went as follows: 
  • Never had any weird bleeding prior to starting injectables
  • 1st cycle with Gonal-F: ovulation bleeding
  • 2nd cycle with Gonal-F: ovulation bleeding
  • Natural cycle: ovulation bleeding (but a little lighter)
  • 3rd cycle with Gonal-F: ovulation bleeding & pregnancy
  • Natural cycle to recover from miscarriage: no ovulation bleeding
I'm going to venture a guess and say that if I go back on Gonal-F next cycle, the bleeding will reappear. That said, apparently I can still get pregnant if there is bleeding, which my RE didn't think was possible. She also didn't think the Gonal-F was the culprit because she'd never seen or heard of anything like that before. Or maybe she will try a different kind of injectable? It will be really interesting to hear what she thinks about all this during my next visit- which will hopefully be next week sometime. 

In the meantime, Mike and I are headed down to spend the weekend at a secluded getaway. We'll have 10 acres of horse ranch, a steaming hottub, and all the non-diet food we can get our grubby hands on. Though we both have to bring some work with us, I'm hoping that the peace and tranquility will do us both well. 


  1. I haven't heard of ovulation bleeding before. Interesting. I learn something new every day in this world.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the casita! Don't work too much!

  2. I've had ovulation bleeding on occasion, it totally freaked me out but my RE said it was ok. He said it was from the follicle rupturing and that it happens to some women on occasion, which made me feel better! I hope you enjoy your trip, it sounds absolutely divine! =)

  3. The one good thing about going through this, is how well we begin (or at least try) to know our bodies. I hope you have an AWESOME vacation, you DESERVE it!!

  4. Have a fantastic vacation my love! You deserve it. And you never know, maybe the mysterious bleeding might stay away for awhile. Bodies are weird like that.