Monday, February 27, 2012

Cycle 15, CD 19 (5 DPIUI)

I don't know if it was Trisha's blog post that inspired me to have the craziest baby dream ever, or if I'm just losing it, but man-o-man did I have a whopper of one on Sunday. And, for the record, I never dream about babies. I've always attributed it to my barren uterus, but who knows.

So in the dream, I was struggling to get pregnant (wonder where that came from?) and had been going to see the RE and get my follicles counted, etc. Then one day, I just... gave birth. It was like one of those scenes from I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. You know, because that is totally likely to happen to me.

It was a girl.

And that is as much as I can say without bursting into tears- because she was beautiful and it felt so good to hold her in my arms.

I wish it were an omen.


  1. If only it was so easy to just pop one out one day :) I'm glad you had a baby dream though, sometimes it is good just to see what eventually you WILL have.

    1. I do understand indeed. Painful but great at the same time.

  2. Those dreams are the worst! I had one around our 3rd month of trying and it was so beautiful, but it made me so much more sad (especially because that was a testing day and of course it was a BFN). Here's hoping it is more than just a dream soon!