Friday, February 3, 2012

Cycle 14, CD 14 (10 DPO)

I'm still waiting for the results from that horrifyingly awful endometrial biopsy. I was told that they would be back within 2 weeks. Today was day 17... so I broke down and called.

They still aren't back.

In high school I was a hostess at a local restaurant. On the weekends we would get super busy and in turn, the wait would get really long. I always told people that the wait time was at least 20 to 30 minutes longer than I knew it would be. That way, when I finally called their name, they were absolutely thrilled that they got called early.

Why can't my clinic institute the same policy?


  1. I agree! Always ALWAYS overestimate the wait. And if that is policy with food, it should absolutely be the policy for important things - like the potential of having kids!
    But in general, I feel doctors could learn a lot from customer service industries - the customer is always right, the customer comes first, etc.
    Hope you get your results soon (and maybe a happy meal toy or something?).

  2. Ugh, seriously!! Over prepare people! Hoping you hear something soon.