Monday, September 17, 2012

Cycle 19, CD 19 (1 DPO)

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Prompt: Garden

A close friend was scheduled to come for a visit in late July. We'd been counting down her arrival for months. I had already bought a little card and propped it on her pillow. It was a congratulations card: "congratulations you are going to be an aunt!" As it happened, I found out we lost the heartbeat two days before her arrival. 

I shredded the card and announced my devastating news to her over the phone instead. She needed to know the hornets nest she was walking into.  

A happy garden
It was hard to have anyone visit in those days leading up to the D&C. As anyone that has suffered a miscarriage knows, it is a crippling time. But as much as I didn't think it possible, having my friend with me was a wonderful distraction. Despite the despair that consumed me, she was somehow able to keep me from curling up inside myself. We went on long walks around the neighborhood. We got our toes painted. We drank in the ocean... and more than our fair share of wine. And amazingly enough, she made me smile. Especially when she yanked off her fun yellow sunglasses and made my neighbor's ordinary garden plant into something extraordinary. 


  1. I was wondering the story behind this when I saw the picture! 1 dpo already too! Yes! How many weeks after re d and c did you get your period? I am still anxiously waiting. Wednesday will be five weeks...ugh.

  2. Fabulous photo! And I wish we all could have a friend like that. I'm so glad she provided you some comfort and a smile when you were going through such a horrendous time. All I can say is, hold on to friends like that! They seem to be so far and few between when the going gets tough.

  3. Love that photo. I love your friend, she sounds amazing!! I'm glad you did have someone there to distract you from all that was going on. I'm sure your friend doesn't even realize how much she helped you. A good friend like that is a treasure!!

  4. What an amazing friend!! I'm so glad she was with you during that time. It's clear she's a treasure. I'm glad you two have one another.

    1. I second that. Here's to true friends.

  5. I love this photo and what it represents. What a perfect friend to have, especially at a time like that.

  6. What a fantastic friend! I am so glad you were able to send time with someone who could make you smile. This is one of those photos to keep on hand for days you aren't doing so hot.

  7. She sounds like a really wonderful friend. I'm so glad her visit turned out to be a blessing in disguise and a good distraction for you at that difficult time. Your photo is awesome too - thanks for sharing the story of how it came to be. Love it!

  8. What a great photo! Just looking at it made me smile.
    I am so glad your friend was able to make you smile at a time when I am sure that felt nearly impossible. One of the best things about being a woman, I think, is the girlfriends we make and the support they can bring.

  9. this post made me smile. i'm so happy you had your friend to help put a smile on your face.

    love the picture too.

    i miss you!

  10. Good friends are amazing. I'm glad yours was there to support you when you needed her.

    And, I love the photo.