Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recovery: day 6

A brief interruption from our regularly scheduled doom and gloom:

Today is a very important day guys. VERY important. There are big things on the line and a lot of potential risk. There have been enough posts (et hem: Stupid Stork said it brilliantly HERE) about the issues at hand that directly affect most of us in this community, so I won't repeat them again. But we have a rare opportunity to speak ladies. We deserve to be heard.  We deserve the right to safely expand our families.

Mit, get the fuck out of my ute.

The T-shirt is a bit outdated but we're going for the same exact thing as we did four years ago. Ms. Brown wore it proudly to the polls again today. She was disappointed to find out that she didn't make it on the ticket though. Her platform was 'More cheese for all'. A great pitch for sure, but I don't know if anyone outside the neighborhood canines really cared (which unfortunately don't make up a large voting pool). Well, I guess I cared too. I love cheese.


I'm proudly voting a straight liberal ticket today. I'm doing what I think is right. However I know that there are other choices available that you may believe are just as right. Love goes to anyone that votes today- no matter which dot you fill in. I just ask that you do it wisely.


  1. Right on! Fingers crossed that he wins tonight. I'm terrified of the consequences otherwise.

  2. Good for you! I get so cross with women who don't appreciated that people died so they could vote and have a say in how things are done. Your dog looks brilliant by the way!

  3. Nice work, Ms. Brown. You win my vote (due to both your T-shirt and your platform - who could argue with that?).

  4. Mit, get the fuck out of my ute. (Love it!)

    Looks like you and I are similar thinkers! Hope our man wins!!

  5. Yesssss! I vote for my ute and yours.

    And I could NOT be more cross with myself over not getting my dogs Obama shirts. (They are two girls, living together, after all).

  6. With the election called, I know you are pretty pleased right now. As am I. Our utes have been saved for another four years! Thank goodness. Couldn't be more relieved. :)

  7. Just wanted to tell you i was thinking about you, and hoping you are healing....I know how much it sucks....hang in there, friend!