Friday, November 16, 2012

Recovery: day 16

I had my post-op checkup yesterday. When I arrived at my clinic, the receptionist said "Hey Tutti." I don't even need to tell them my name anymore. And in truth, I haven't for a while. It's cool when you are a regular at a restaurant and the waiter sets your favorite drink down in front of you without even having to order. Not so cool when everyone at your fertility clinic knows you by first name. Although, who am I kidding, they are familiar with more than just my first name (hello-everyone-in-the-greater-metropolitan-area-has-seen-my-pink-parts).

The other significant thing that happened within the first 30 seconds of walking into my clinic yesterday was perhaps the true explanation behind everyone knowing my name. I watched as the receptionist stood up to grab something. I actually saw her arm dip from the weight of it. If I had to guess, it probably exceeded the 10 pound mark. I stopped, it registered, and then I asked, "Is that my chart." It was. I am now one of those  patients that you can give pitying looks to solely based on the girth of her medical records.

The irony of yesterday being my first due date and seeing my all too empty ute on the u/s monitor was not lost on me. But I held it together and didn't cry. For about 5 minutes. Then I let out big ugly sobs when Dr. D asked me how things were going. At least I wasn't already tear streaked before she walked into the room this time. Baby steps.

Apparently I'm recovering nicely from the D&C. I can't say that I didn't have niggling fears about having these two surgeries so close together. Scarring is always a potential issue, as are things like punctured organs, and left over 'material'. But my RE has mad skillz and things are back in order again. Or are they?  <--see what I did there? I know this post is long and that is a hook to get you to read to the end. #trickygirl.

While Dr. D scrutinized my barren womb, she talked me through what she saw. "Nice thick lining Tutti," she said "and it looks like you are..." we finished the sentence in unison, "ovulating". I already knew that I was. I'm a good infertile and analyze my TP all day, every day. And the night before there were tell-tale signs. If nothing else, I've gotten very in tune with my body over the last two years.

Want to hear the kicker? I've got two nice follicles growing: 16mm and 17mm. One on each side. Let me remind you in case you've forgotten, I'm not on any meds. Not that I didn't know it wasn't a potential given my family history, but I thought my sister was the only one lucky enough to have the natural twin gene (I have uber delicious twin nephews).

Clearly my body really wants to have a baby. It's throwing double follicles on its own now. But, the writing is already on the wall for those two beautiful orbs. I'm benched. Again. For at least two cycles. And truthfully, it'll probably be even longer (a story for another time).

However, I'm very confused about something, After my u/s I had bloodwork: Tsh, Hcg, estradiol, and progesterone. My nurse called with the results yesterday afternoon. After hearing them I hung up the phone, completely befuttled.
  1. My progesterone came back at 2.20. And since it was above 1, my RE feels that I have already ovulated and can expect my period within the next two weeks. But... umm... we just saw two follicles sitting pretty in my ovaries not 5 minutes prior. Huh? 
  2. And, my Hcg came back at 55.18. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that you can't cycle until your Hcg is back down to zero. Double-huh? 
You'd think that a girl with a chart the size of mine would understand this shit by now. But I don't and I'm *really* not in the mood to consult Dr. Google. He's a liar anyway. Maybe you self-proclaimed science geeks (yes Cristy, I'm looking at you) or others with more knowledge than I, can enlighten me. Any guesses to what is really going on?


  1. I also ovulated on my last cycle with my levels around 50. I spoke with my RE and it is very possible.

  2. My RE says above 3 for ovulation to have occurred...I hate being benched. Hate it. Double hate when there are two follicles. Hang in there.

  3. I am guessing my hcg was above 0 as well when I ovulated.
    Sending lots of TX-sized hugs your way!

  4. I totally disagree with your doctor about ovulating. I didn't realize your progesterone was at 2. In my opinion (and you know as a fellow infertile I'm practically a dr. through google) that is not an ovulatory progesterone number. If it was higher I might agree. But a 2? That is hardly anything.

    Anyways that is my 2 cents. I so can't wait to see you tomorrow! Prepare for epic bear hugs!

  5. From what I've heard, many women are more likely to get pregnant in the cycle or two following a miscarriage because of the HCG in their system. I think this tends to be more among fertiles who don't have to watch it go down through blood work and can try again right away.

  6. I have no idea the science behind either answer, but I agree with Trisha. I thought progesterone had to be higher than that to have ovulated (my first RE said a 5, but he said many many questionable things so I am not sure how reliable that is).

  7. I wish I knew the answer to the when you can ovulate again question. You said your HCG was 55 but the doctor saw two follicles? Like me, you've probably heard that you don't ovulate again until your levels are less than 5. I did manage to have a semi-heavy period a few weeks ago but my HCG was tested the day before and was still 15. I figured it was a non-ovulatory shedding of the uterine lining type period. The fact that you already have follicles there makes me wonder if your HCG really has to be that low. Just another mystery to ponder.