Friday, November 4, 2011

Cycle 11, CD 27 (12 DPIUI)

I was trying to figure out some insurance coverage today. Or should I say, lack of coverage. It's unreal how fast these bills are piling up. I remember getting upset over the $800.00 cost for my hysterosalpingogram. That seems like a drop in the hat now.

Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses for Cycle 11
  • $80.00- 2 [specialist] office co-pays
  • $525.00- Infectious disease panel & Cystic Fibrosis for my husband
  • $354.00- Cystic Fibrosis for me
  • $1000.00- CT scan [this was done months ago, but bill just arrived and payment is due now]
  • $50.00- Clomid
  • $95.00- Ovidrel trigger
  • $825.00- IUI
Total: $2929.00

We are hemorrhaging money. But do you know what the scary part of all this is? It is only going to get worse. IUI's will get more expensive as we go from single to back-to-back. Injectables will be more than 10x the cost of Clomid. And then, there is that big black IVF monster dancing in the corner. 

God is he terrifying. 

And then, after spending over 2.5 hours on the phone with my insurance company, my doctor's billing department, and two different medical laboratories, I checked my work email and was alerted to the fact I am expected to pay $50.00 for a co-workers baby shower gift next week.

So I'm supposed to give this coworker $50 when it was free for them to get pregnant? And everyone will rejoice loudly for their impending bundle of joy? Yet we have to come up with thousands and thousands of dollars all on our own while being subjected to physically and emotionally excruciating procedures. And I have to endure it all in silence? 

I ask you again, how is that fair? 

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